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Pictures - Railway Galleries
Tuesday 04/01/2005 21:22
I've started to move some of the better images I've taken over the past year into galleries. None of them are fantastic, but they document my sightings and give me camera practice! I'm not sure what the final format will be, but for now at least they can be browsed here:

Class 31
Class 37
Class 43
Class 47
Class 60
Class 66
Class 67
Other Locomotives

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Pictures - A3033 Gallery
Tuesday 11/11/2003 21:45
In an effort to make some use of my weeks holiday, I decided to document the route of the A3033 - a road which begins almost at my front door, but seems to get shorter and shorter as time passes. Pictures of the route are here

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Pictures - Galleries Back Online
Sunday 24/08/2003 23:15
All of the galleries previously on the old site are now back up here. Links are below:

Glasgow Gallery

Dublin Gallery

FOSDEM 2002 Gallery

Industrial Action Gallery

Some Sculpture

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