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Packages - Lemmings 3.1
Sunday 15/02/2004 13:56
It's time for a new release of the most comprehensive XChat script in existence, courtesy of FireCat and FuzzyTheBear, along with a little help this time from ProGuy, Discipulus, Novaflare and Landrocker.

download lemmings-3.1.tar.gz

New Features Include:
  • sysinfo for Windows
  • sysinfo works on multi-processor and multi-video card machines
  • ignore functions
  • channel info and identify functions
  • convenience functions for common channel operator tasks (kick, ban, etc.)
  • insults
  • expanded preview functionality
  • newsflash
  • comprehensive code cleanup
I also updated the install script to detect and remove old versions as requested. Its as easy as:

tar -zxvf lemmings-3.1.tar.gz
cd lemmings-3.1

Congratulations, everyone on a high quality new release of Lemmings!

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